RACH-Series, Hollow Aluminum Cylinders

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  • Model: RACH-202
  • Type: Industrial Products


Enerpac is known for product excellence and Aztec Bolting brings that excellence to your application. The Enerpac RACH-Series hollow plunger aluminum cylinder design provides both push and pull forces. Lightweight aluminum cylinders offer portability and versatility. The RACH-Series are designed for maximum cylinder life as each unit has all surfaces coated with a hard coat finish. Cylinder life is further extended by composite bearings that also increase side load resistance.

The Enerpac RACH-Series hollow plunger cylinder sports rapid cylinders retraction courtesy of a high-strength return spring. Load-induced damage and wear is minimized with a steel baseplate and saddle design. Enerpac hollow plunger aluminum cylinders are capable of handling the full cylinder capacity; the integral stop ring prevents over-travel of the plunger. All RACH-Series models include standard handles.

  • Enerpac hollow aluminum cylinders are a lightweight solution for tensioning and testing.
  • Hollow plunger design allows for both pull and push forces
  • Composite bearings increase cylinder life and side load resistance
  • Hard coat finish on all surfaces resists damage and extends cylinder life
  • Handles included on all models
  • Floating center tube increases seal life
  • Steel baseplate and saddle for protection against load-induced damage
  • Integral stop ring prevents plunger over-travel and is capable of withstanding the full cylinder capacity
  • High-strength return spring for rapid cylinder retraction

Aztec Bolting is the premier distributor of all Enerpac products and systems. The RACH-Series hollow plunger aluminum cylinders are readily available from Aztec. Contact us today to learn all there is to know about our products.

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