PneuTorques 72 Diameter

  • Brand:


  • Model: 72 Diameter
  • Type: Bolting Products


  • 72mm Gearbox allows excellent access.
  • Powerful - up to 2000 N·m output.
  • Switchable forward and reverse operation.
  • Quiet - less than 81dB(A), and non impacting for low operator fatigue.
  • 'Soft Start' trigger control aids socket location and allows gradual and safe reaction take up.
  • For safety, gearbox can turn independently from handle. Torque reaction is never transmitted back to the operator.
  • All torques can be achieved at less than 6 bar (90 psi).
  • Can also be supplied as Automatic Two Speed models giving the advantage of a run down time five times greater than the final torque speed.
  • All models are available as Remote control versions.
  • Engineered to Order reaction accessories are also available, seeexamples.

Torque Chart