PneuTorque Small Diameter Remote

  • Brand:


  • Model: Small Diameter Remote
  • Type: Bolting Products


These PneuTorque models share the same features as the 'Standard' Series, but have a higher torque output for a given gearbox diameter and are fitted with a remote motor. They have no direction/shut-off control but rely on external pneumatic circuitry to provide this function.

  • Reversible - PneuTorques can be used for tightening and untightening.
  • Reaction foot can slide on the spline to allow for sockets of various lengths.
  • Electronic torque transducers can be fitted for precise torque monitoring.
  • Automatic Two Speed Models are available offering the advantages of single speed versions but with the additional benefit of a run down speed five times greater than the final torque speed.

Torque Chart