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The DSX is the ONLY choice when a simple, lightweight, strong, and safe torque wrench is needed. Enjoy critical safety features designed for use when there is a danger of dropping components from heights. The new DSX features a compact, high-strength unibody design, which provides a smaller operating radius without sacrificing endurance.

Download Aztec’s DSX specs brochure to learn more about this game-changing torque wrench.



  • •Greatest number of standard performance features
  • •High performance, low maintenance and less downtime
  • •High-strength, lightweight aluminum construction
  • •Constant torque outputs with an accuracy of +/- 3%



  • •Multiple and new patented safety features
  • •Fully enclosed drive for maximum safety
  • •Built-in, work-at-height safety tether connection
  • •35° rotation angle and rapid return stroke for fast operation
  • •Retained quick release button
  • •Patented, easy-to-use, quick release retained reaction arm



  • •Fewest moving components (similar tools have up to six times as many parts) – easy to operate, maintain or repair
  • •Multi-direction 360° x 180° high-flow aluminum hose swivel
  • •Robust, ergonomic positioning handle mounts on either side of the tool for extra maneuverability
  • •Push-button square drive and reaction arm for fast changes
  • •Easily accessible work-at-height connection point